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Going to the Philly Corgi Picnic!

Hi all. Hope life is treating you well.

I will be at the Philly Corgi Picnic June 24th! I'll sign your book if you attend the picnic and bring it. I will NOT be selling at the picnic, but if you are staying at the picnic hotel Friday or Saturday night, I'll have books with me to sell there.

The Philly Corgi Picnic is a great chance to visit and meet new corgi folks. And it benefits Corgi Aid, which is a not for profit corporation dedicated to supporting independent rescue of Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh corgis and corgi mixes of either breed worldwide.

Hope to you see there! Stop by and visit and get your book signed by me. I'll have two pinwheels at my area. One will be red, the other blue.

Until next time,


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